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Oil Changes

Oil Changes

Oil Changes

Oil Change Services in Guelph, Ontario

Oil changes are one of the most important services for extending the life of your vehicle. Vehicle engines have many moving parts that must be properly lubricated. Frequent oil changes help to lubricate the engine, allowing the internal parts to function smoothly without overheating. Keep your vehicle running well by receiving routine oil changes. We offer regular, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic. The right oil, at the right interval, for your vehicle.


What is an Oil Change and Why Do You Need It?

An oil change is the process of removing and replacing the oil and filters that run through and lubricates all of the moving parts of your engine. Your car engine moves incredibly fast. Without oil as a lubricant, it results in a lot of friction and heat for your car. Over time, the oil inside gets filled with particles and debris causing it to thicken and evaporate. This causes your car to work much harder and heat up in order to move the oil through the vehicle.


How Often Should I Get My Oil Changed?

In order to prevent your engine from working too hard to hard and getting too hot, it is recommended to get your oil changed every 5,000 to 8,000km depending on your vehicle age, type of oil, and driving conditions.


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